Casserole with seafood, squid and mussels

Unlike other canning factories that focus their production on one or two “traditional” products, the Company produces others that go out of the conventional and constitute a true gourmet line. This strength allows us to offer the customer the possibility to choose from a wide range of their usual consumer products and true specialties that will enrich the table, together with the proverbial quality that characterizes them. The proposed species, which provide high protein content, polyunsaturated fatty acids type ω-3, phosphorus and trace elements among other nutrients, are packaged in different presentations and are ideal for the preparation of dishes accompanied with rice, such as paellas or salads.


It is the most exploited of the fishing resources offered by the maritime platform that bathes our extensive coasts. It is usually consumed as fresh fillets, but in order to take advantage of the benefits of this variety without the limits of refrigerated products, it is offered in the form of canned in oil, ideal for including portions that provide high protein content, are long-lasting (four years) and do not have higher storage requirements (in "dry" tanks and at room temperature).


Canned mackerel maintains the compact texture and marked flavor of its meat, as well as its excellent nutritional properties from natural oils (about 4g / 100g of the product) rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Its proteins (approximately 11g / 100g) are of very good quality and provide essential amino acids of high biological value. It provides vitamins of group B, and because of its fat content it also provides fat-soluble vitamins A and D, as well as minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium. Like other fish species, it is a source of iodine and other trace elements.


The organoleptic characters of the canned bonito (smell, color, appearance, texture) that are prepared in pieces, with skin and with edible spines, are excellent, are recommended in children's diets and are in a position to compete in the market with those obtained from the mackerel. From the nutritional point of view it can be deduced that the bonito has better properties and its flavor profile is superior to that of mackerel.


It is a species of the Argentine Sea with an exquisite flavor whose use as food is very little promoted. For the treatment received, the nutritional properties are preserved in their entirety and 100% of the product is usable, even the thorns are edible. The balanced proportion of its protein-lipid components makes it possible to affirm that this new product brings to the table a healthy food, of very good flavor, with an excellent plastic-energy contribution to the diet and invaluable properties as cardiovascular protector, in addition to a total guarantee of security during the four years of its useful life.


Squids in Oil



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